Planetoid no. 1 & no. 2

Framed collages of inkjet and silver gelatin prints, 2022.

Two collages constructed from various natural elements, with mountain formations taking center stage. In the Balkans, these mountain landscapes carry the symbolic weight of "freedom." This freedom extends beyond liberation from occupiers, states, the public, rules, and civilization.

The visual inspiration for this work draws from computer games, particularly Samorost—an online game crafted by the Czech game design company Amanita Design. In Samorost, the field of view encompasses a floating planet sculpted from discarded wood, including roots, trunks, and branches. Computer games, with their structure and narrative, became integral to the artistic process, resonating with themes of longing for freedom and the desire to traverse between different worlds.

DSC_8193 There is no world as good as mine (2022)

Installation view. Gallery Rotor2, Gothenburg, 2022.