Mining the Range of Kopaonik

Glass, inkjet print on film, aluminium, iron, 2022.

The metal boxes in Mining the Range of Kopaonik draw connections to the mountain's mining history and the utilization of metals. In the course of my work, I delved into a thesis by Ulf Brunnbauer and Robert Pichler titled "Mountains as lieux de mémoire" (mountains as memorial sites). This thesis explores the significance of mountains in the Balkans. My particular interest in these mountains stems from my family history, adding a personal dimension to the exploration of the region.

The authors describe the significance and meanings attributed to mountains. They depict mountains as powerful symbols of freedom, embodying a release from the constraints of the state, societal norms, rules, and civilization. According to their perspective, these majestic landscapes harbor ancient cultures, wild and untamed. This descriptive lens adds a profound layer to the exploration of mountainous terrain, presenting it not only as geographical entities but as repositories of historical and cultural narratives, untouched by the constraints of modern society.

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