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FOMO Silver Gelatin Prints

Silver gelatine prints, 2023.

Sometimes we push our personal limits to see just how happy we can really get. We actively seek occasions where the mental chatter about past and future events can be momentarily set aside. In my artistic exploration, a paradox unfolds as these celebrations of 'oblivious bliss' offer a fleeting sense of wholeness and completion, yet paradoxically, they often leave us yearning for more. These events present the split between life as lived and life as advertised. The underlying question echoes: Are you happy—happy enough? In the context of my exhibition, I aim to counteract the pervasive "FOMO predilection" by delving into a nuanced inquiry about what lasting happiness truly entails. By examining the dichotomy between the immediate joy experienced in these moments and the enduring sense of fulfillment, the exhibition becomes a contemplative space to question, explore, and redefine our understanding of genuine and enduring happiness.

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Installation view, 2023.