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FOMO Mirrors

Etchings in mirror glass, metal, 2023.

FOMO mirrors
were designed to replicate the vibe of bathroom mirrors in clubs or bars. They bear 12 distinct sentences etched into the mirror glass, combining thoughts and excerpts from various notes gathered over the years. These mirrors not only pose questions but also make statements, prompting self-reflection and engagement.

Sometimes we push our personal limits to see just how happy we can really get. For instance, we look for occasions where thinking about past and future events can be more or less avoided. In my work, the paradox at hand is that these celebrations of 'oblivious bliss' are simultaneously making us feel whole and completed — nevertheless such episodes always leave us craving for more. These events present the split between life as lived and life as advertised. Are you happy – are you happy enough? In this exhibition I counteract the "FOMO predilection" by questioning what lasting happiness is really about.

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Installation view, This Is Bigger Than Millennial FOMO, 2023.