Notes and Nautical Nonsense

Field Notes (Active Content).

Text: Nadja Brečević

At the periphery, infinity meets, where the present intertwines with the past, the sea acts as a profound bridge, linking shores that are disparate yet profoundly connected.

for those who dwell by its embrace, are shaped by its ever-changing grace. Not as citizens of a single domain, but as sailors, their identity resonates with the maritime, echoing the ceaseless rhythm of waves.

The waves, with their pulse and ever-changing flow, offer solace, a comforting rhythm for

the troubled heart's unrest. In a moment's breath, we grasp our scant knowledge of the

sea's hidden depths, briefly eclipsing our own worries with the vast mystery unfurling

below. A poignant reminder lies within the calm's embrace, where uncertainty's trace remains ever-present.

everything is in a rhythmic process, constantly flowing in and out.

upon the vast expanse of water's embrace, Where boundaries dissolve in endless space, lies a realm of paradox, where calmness abounds, yet beneath the surface, uncertainty confounds. The sea entices with a captivating allure, its enchanting call weaving through the air.