Staring Into the Sun Until It Turns Purple

Röda Sten Konsthall, Gothenburg, 2023.

Degree show from the bachelor’s and master’s program in photography at HDK-Valand, University of Gothenburg.

Contemplating the source of reflected light. To let your mind be entirely focused on one thing; a star, a concept, an image until it transforms before your eyes. It changes hue or shape, bleeds into the surroundings. It changes its form as you stare into it and lingers as an after image on the retina and on your mind.

This exhibition by 29 graduates, from the BA and MA program at HDK-Valand, offers a large selection of works where the artists both use and expand photography as a medium. The themes are of various kinds, but seemingly most of them appear highly current, such as; climate change, gender politics, society and technology, as well as various personal matters. Together they serve as expressions of how widely the medium can be used.

Participating artists:

Photography bachelor’s programme: 

Jacob Aars, Inger Renée Allison, Nadja Brečević, Merlin-Jon Bresinski, Thea Josefin Cedervall, Adrian Christensen, Felicia Engstrøm, Ronja Fridholm Engström, ELI ELI ELI, Sunniva Hestenes, Lex Eliot Rose, Robin Iborn, Ida Kaae, Nilo Paknia, Milla Flyger, Hilda Blondie Tintin Randulv, Liis Ring, Kristina Aurora Simonsen, Émilie Vesvre, Henrik Wejfeldt.

Photography master’s programme:

Hulda Sif Ásmundsdóttir, Jošt Dolinšek, Jessica Ekström, Peter Frodin, Mette Hultesjö, Miina Anahita, Johan Fredrik Källman, Sonja Margrét Ólafsdóttir, Julian Slagman.