Gallery Thomassen, Gothenburg, 2023.

Spring Break is the name of Galleri Thomassen's recurring spring exhibition, where both established artists and art students take place. This year's edition has left the theme and instead the artists are given the opportunity to move freely in their own worlds of reference. The exhibition presents everything from Juri Markkula's magnetic interference colored surfaces to Nadja Brečević's poetic photo cubes with images from the mountains of Kopaonik that refer to both the history and freedom of the place. In the exhibition, Josefin Borgström presents a night-black conflagration with the painting Inferno. In Ruben Risholm's sculpture Longing, the distance and the wounds we get on the road, we meet a 2-metre-tall girl and her many faces in oak, elm, birdberry and ash. The artistic expressions are balanced in the different rooms of the gallery with the vision of presenting the contemporary art scene. This year, 43 artists from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Germany are participating.

Participating artists:
Elinor Silow, Josefina Anjou, Åsa Johansson, Sara Kallioinen Lundgren, Lisa Liljeström, Tommy Svenningson, Thea Josefin Cedervall, Tekla Bergman Fröberg, Susanne Fagerlund, Sturla Magnusson, Sara Nilsson, Ruben Risholm, Pauline Nolegård, Erik Gustafsson, Alais Reed, Nadja Brečević, Max Barel, Marcus Reistad, Malin Mattebo, Luna Lopez, Leonard Rode, Juri Markkula, Viktor Nilsson, Julian Slagman, Martin Formgren, Josefine Borgström, Johan Melander, Joel Arvidsson, Gloriya Talebi, Emma Åvall, Ferdinand Evaldsson, Felix Christiansson, Emma Samuelsson, Diana Agunbiade-Kolawole, Cornelia Öberg, Charlott Malmenholt, Emanuel Bylund, Anton Backe, Anna Österberg, Anja Fredell, Emma Amal Khanafer, Rut Karin Zettergren, Charlie-Vince Jakobsson