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Pandemic Media

Pandemic Media was an online exhibition


In times of uncertainty and doubt, we move between the instant reality and the digital connection. The massive chain of visual media neither starts nor ends here. This here may be a stop on the way, a place where distance isn’t eliminated but rather enlightened and where fear and longing are combined. A whole world has changed and we are standing on the edge between then and now. So where exactly are we? A cyber gallery, another corner of the internet: where art reaches global access. In times of dire needs there is also room for reconstruction and innovation.

We have considered the presence we share through the medium of photography. By following the patterns of our movements, creating a human shaped virus, or scanning the whole body into a digital self. Each one of us has, from our very own perspective, dug into the experience of living in pandemic times.

Participating artists:

Jacob Aars, Renée Allison, Nadja Brečević, Merlin-Jon Bresinski, Frida Lisa Carstensen Jersø, Thea Josefin Cedervall, Adrian Christensen, Felicia Engstrøm, Ronja Fridholm Engström, Elina Johanna Heise, Sunniva Hestenes, Robin Iborn Magyar, Nilofarr Paknia, Milla Paulina Flyger Petersson, Hilda Blondie Tintin Randulv, Liis Ring, Émilie Vesvre, Henrik Wejfeldt