High Above the Clouds, and Deep Into the Ground

Ex Nihilo, Copenhagen, 2023.

In her work, Nadja Brečević uses photographic and sculptural methods to examine her ancestors' physical and mythological land. In High Above the Clouds, and Deep Into the Ground she portrays different mountains in the Balkans. One of them is called Velebit and is the largest mountain range in Croatia, located along the coast. On the sea side dominates a powerful and barren bedrock stretching above the landscape. The other side of that mountain is covered with trees which then fade out into the main land. In regard to this, it's said that Velebit has two different faces.

These mountains symbolize the significance of cultural myths and fantasies. Throughout the early centuries of Croatian history, Velebit held a sacred status, believed to be inhabited by fairies. Through her art, Brečević endeavors to reestablish a connection with the mountains and the myriad stories they carry. In her work, the mountains serve as a projection of an idea that transcends the reality perceptible to our senses.

Opening music played by Mike Sheridan.

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