SOUND#5 – Stories to Be Told

The Vulcano (SHE)

SOUND#5 - Stories to Be Told, ONLINE, 2020.
SOUND 5, HDK-Valand

What happens in a closed museum? How can sound lead to new perspectives and make us experience works and spaces in a different way? In Stories to be told, students at HDK-Valand start from the Gothenburg Museum of Art, both as a place and based on works in the museum's collection. This takes place, among other things, through an investigation of emptiness, what it means to be portrayed, peripheral spaces and a shared dreaming.

SOUND#5 - Stories to Be Told is part five in the series with sound art in the collection at the Gothenburg Museum of Art. During the period 21 December to 21 January, the exhibition can be experienced digitally. Previously, the SOUND series took place physically at Gothenburg's art museum. The program point is a collaboration between HDK-Valand and the Gothenburg Museum of Art - a work coordinated and curated by the artist Gustav Lejelind.

Participating Artists:

Kristina Aurora, Nadja Brečević, Merlin-Jon Bresinski, Tine Renhorn Fernerud, Matilda Friman, Sunniva Hestenes, Moa Hjärtström, Ingrid Jacobsen, Robert Jacobson, Ivar Jansson, Ti Karlsson, Joseph Björk Linderoth, Viggo Mattsson, Jana Erika Sundström, Josefine Velling Rasmussen.